They didn't believe you.
You told the truth.
Who was at fault?
From out of nowhere.

Are you protected from this?

An accident happens.
You were not at fault.
You told the truth.
They did not believe you.

They would have believed your Windshield Witness©.

You deserve to be protected, with a reliable, feature packed, fairly priced, automated, user friendly, 1080P video quality, complete vehicle dash camera system that is court room friendly. We provide exactly that, with the Windshield Witness©. You will better protect yourself against any fraudulent accident claim, by using this proven dash cam system.

Windshield Witness© System

Features Galore.
  • Video quality is 1080P.
    This means 1920x1080 at 30fps.

  • Video file cyclic record duration configurability is 1, 2, 3 or 5 minutes but read on, as you can also record any length video file you choose!

    What does this mean, in detail? No more recording or playing back only a maximum of 5 minute recorded video. You now have seamless videos that can each be up to several hours long! Imagine a road trip and it's a single video file that's 6 hrs + 22min in length or whatever length you decide!

    When you set your Windshield Witness Cyclic record mode to OFF, you can merely touch one button and end the current file, anytime you desire. It's perfect for creating 10, 20, 30, 43, 66, 91 min, two hour or any time length file you wish. You are no longer locked into a maximum video record time length with the Windshield Witness. As a safety measure, the default setting is that your G-Sensor feature remains active while you're recording extended length video.

  • Field of view is 145 degrees, incorporating a professional ultra wide, low distortion, 5 million pixel, full color, CMOS sensor lens.

  • Current Date and Time stamp on Video. Format is YYYY/MM/DD HH.MM.SS ie: 2013/06/01 05:58:58

  • Video is H.264/MPEG4 AVC encoding and is file type MP4. This provides better picture quality over the .avi file type.

  • Additional button option to lock and save current video file, keeping it from automatically being overwritten once SD card is full. Once you record an event you want to lock and save, simply push a button (or master menu setting to lock all).

  • Built in G Force Sensor automatically locks current video file, should your vehicle experience sudden deceleration or abrupt stop (button lock access also).

  • When the SD card is full, the oldest (and not locked) video file will be written over automatically by the most recent video recorded.

  • Incorporates automated seamless & cyclic recording, with overlapping video supported. This means that all video is captured and nothing is missed between saving files, as files are both written and recorded simultaneously. You may even adjust overlap time to be 0, 1 or 2 seconds.

  • Proven window mount with upgraded (thicker) suction cup for even greater adherence.(Check local laws regarding items attached to front windshield.)

  • Displays real-time G Force Sensor statistics, along bottom of recorded video. This documents braking, acceleration, sudden side jarring and sudden stop G-force levels.

  • System turns on and off automatically, with ignition. This is accomplished through lighter socket power, controlled by ignition.(This is true in most vehicles. Should power be supplied to the lighter socket continuously, using an on/off button on car charger.) Our car charger has a lit on-off button.

  • Firmware includes scene recognition algorithm for advanced image signal processing, delivering excellent image quality.

  • State of the art, twin Supercapacitors (Each 2.7v, 5.5F) collectively store power and consistently deliver the required energy necessary to finalize writing of the current video file (when necessary), upon power cut off or when sudden impact disconnects the vehicle's battery completely. These Supercapacitors also maintain current date and time for extended periods, alleviating the need for an internal battery that would typically be useless in two years time. In other words, if you purchase a dash cam with an internal battery, plan on the that battery not working after two years.

  • System includes a smart motion detection algorithm, which senses the difference between actual motion and a shadow. (Motion detection is a menu on/off setting.)

  • Captures night video very well, without the need for LED's, through utilizing vehicle headlights.

  • Our camera chipset is the non-USA made Zoran Coach 12. Yes, we ultimately chose the Zoran chipset, over other manufacturers, due to a consistently higher quality of night video recording.

  • The SD card may also serve as a USB2.0 mass storage device.(While SDHC card is present and unit is powered on.)

  • Flip down viewing screen is a full 2.7in diagonally, a true color display TFT LCD (Thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal display.), which is a variant of liquid-crystal display (LCD) that incorporates thin-film transistor (TFT) technology, to improve image qualities, ie; addressability and contrast. TFT LCD is an active-matrix LCD, in contrast to passive-matrix LCD's or simple, direct-driven LCDs, with a few segments.

  • Video screen may be rotated 270 degrees. This allows extreme screen angle adjustment. Additionally, by electing to install two Windshield Witness© systems, this feature affords front view and rear view system mounting, having both screens easily visible to the driver, simultaneously.

  • Recorded videos may be previewed on screen (including audio), while unit is powered by the car charger or connect to a PC and copy the files for viewing on your PC.

  • SDHC card may also be safely removed (once unit is turned off) and files then viewed on any PC by inserting the SD card into your PC or by copying the files from the SD card by connecting the Windshield Witness to your PC using the supplied USB cable.

  • We thank you for taking the time to review our system's features, thus far. Please do keep on reading, as many more features are below.

  • Internal, high quality microphone & speaker.

  • Button for quick audio on/off recording control.
    (This can be a master menu setting.)

  • Audio recording is 16 bit mono,
    FS = 48KHz, AAC Compression. The microphone is somewhat sensitive. For the most part, if you can hear it, it will be recorded. (Mic may be muted also)

  • Composite video broadcasting signal output: Line-out for NTSC or PAL.

  • The Windshield Witness utilizes the Omnivison Model OV2715 CMOS image sensor.

  • System supports up to a 32GB SD/SDHC card. This translates to 11+ HRS of recording.

  • Your supplied SDHC Transcend Class 10 SDHC Card now comes with a full 5 year replacement warranty (provided through Transcend) for full size or a MicroSD, at their option. (Adaptor would be included.) Yes, the Transcend Micro SD card meets the same heat and speed requirements that our Windshield Witness requires.

  • System includes an Upgraded Window Mount, USB cable connector, Transcend SDHC Class 10 card and car charger cord with an on off button.

  • System is powered through the vehicle's lighter socket, DC 12-24V. Car charger has an approx 13ft power cord, for lengthy, hidden wire installations.

  • Operating temperature: -20C to 70C (Failsafe protection circuit shuts down unit when above 70c.)

  • Operating humidity: 18 to 85% RH

  • Storage temperature: -25C to 70C (When vehicle is stationary for long periods of time, protect unit from direct sunlight as heat damage voids warranty)

  • Housing has a soft black velvet look and feel to it, as opposed to the typical hard glossy plastic.

  • Customer support, via Email, that addresses your concerns or questions, in easily understandable English and in a most timely manner. Our quick response is attributed to minimal need for customer support.

  • Operating manual/directions in English, that are simple to comprehend and provide detailed information coupled with step by step instructions (delivered by email, upon request).

  • On board set-up menu is extremely easy to work with, maneuver through and very easy on the eyes.

  • System includes patented "set it and forget it" software technology.

  • This one is not a feature.
    It's just interesting.
    Another acronym for WWW is:
    Windshield Witness© Website.

  • Menu currently supports 5 languages: English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Dutch.

  • Lifetime complimentary firmware updates included and sent via email. (Emailed as updates are completed and beta test approved by us.)

  • Each system is individually bench tested, triple inspected, USPS Priority Mail Box packaged and sent from right here in the good old USA.(Priority Mail shipment applies only to USA addresses)

  • 30 day money back guarantee, from date of purchase, for any camera factory defect.(Available for WW single unit purchase only.)

  • Full one year replacement/repair warranty at our discretion, from date of purchase, for any camera factory defect.(Replacement good towards current WW model.)


We thank all our RV community patrons for having The Windshield Witness system become the Dash Cam of choice among drivers, desiring to better protect themselves from fraudulent accident claims.

-------------------- SPECIAL OFFER ------------------------------------------------------- SPECIAL OFFER ----------
REJUVENATION PACKAGE = 2 Window mounts + 1 Car Charger. Due to a special discount price obtained from another supplier, we offer you 2 premium window suction mounts and our Red Button car charger, all delivered for $29.00 plus shipping. Option is in our drop down menu below.
------------------------------------------------------------- SPECIAL OFFER --------------------------------------------------

UPDATE: Due to our supplier not fulfilling a re-stocking order in a timely manner by omitting the G-Sensor feature, orders for a complete WW System have been suspended. Rejuvenation Packages and Transfer Kits remain available. WW system order acceptance will resume once the new shipment arrives and after completing our standard in house testing of each unit. We are doing all within our power to obtain additional supply and will keep you posted with updates.

Our PayPal secure-pay portal below DOES NOT REQUIRE you to have a PayPal account in order to place an order. You may Pay using any major credit card. It takes a few seconds for the Paypal payment screen to open and quantity is adjusted, during your PayPal check out process.

* After placing your order, EMAIL us requesting the Operating Manual by return email.*
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Windshield Witness Options

ATTENTION: Recording your vehicle's speed is NOT wise....see why, below.

There are some who question my features or should I say question the perceived lack of my features, specifically GPS (recording vehicle speed).

Let me introduce myself. I am the WINDSHIELD WITNESS©, a frontrunner in the dash cam industry and for good reason. I'm proven, provide 1080P HD video, I'm reliable and have innocent driver's best interests at heart, at all times.

Numerous studies reveal that the vast majority of drivers (over 70%) tend to exceed posted speed limits, at times, even if by only 1 MPH. Realizing this, the last thing a driver should ever do is volunteer into the courtroom evidence/proof/documentation that they themselves were speeding. Doing so immediately deems them "contributory to the accident". Any attorney (worth his or her salt will agree with this).

So, in the pursuit of better protecting oneself from a fraudulent accident claim, it is hands-down not in the driver's best interests to ever have the rate of travel recorded/displayed on your video. This is the sole reason for our electing to provide only G-Sensor statistics (with G-Sensor activated file locking), along with date and time recorded and displayed and not a GPS feature documenting speed. For me to add this feature, it would cost about $2.50.

For the record, my primary focus is to better protect you from intentional and the mistaken fraudulent accident claims, sweeping the country at an alarming rate. For this reason alone, I do not and will not utilize a GPS feature, to log the speed of your vehicle or even to capture it and save it in a secret encrypted file somewhere. It is not in your best interest to do so, period. Furthermore, I'm neither a portable handheld unit nor am I designed to be worn on the bill of someone's cap, on their chest, on bicycle handlebars or attached to a bob sled (but that would be exciting!). Should you wish to have a portable video camera, I suggest purchasing a GoPro. I operate from a 12-24volt DC power supply, providing uninterrupted, looping video recording. At any given time, I have more than enough energy stored in my twin super capacitors to store and LOCK recorded video files even in the event of an impact (accident), when my DC power source may be disconnected suddenly. Even then, I still lock the recorded video file. I also maintain time and date for extended periods of time when not in use, thanks to my twin capacitors stored energy.

I'm designed to be mounted to the windshield of your vehicle (or on an overhead valance of an RV), for the purpose of videotaping the area in view of my 145 degree wide angle lens. I record video in high definition, 1080P format, 30FPS. I also record audio in real time, provided you have me programmed to do so. If you decide to have my audio recording ability turned off, I honor you wishes and do not record any audio.

I record no secret files relating to distance traveled, physical location and certainly not vehicle speed. It is not my charge to perform calculations to determine such specifics. Other specifics could be size of objects, shapes of objects, distance from point "A" to point "B", or even if it is day or night. These are not my focus.

I create video of actual events for you to keep, when you require legal documentation/proof of your innocence. The video may be reviewed backward, forward and frame by frame if you wish. I do not forget, become confused, do not become distracted and I will never add or take away anything from events I've recorded. I provide what is termed direct evidence, rather than hearsay or circumstantial evidence. All honorable courts of law accept me as documented truth, your proof of what really happened because I am your Windshield Witness. I'll go so far as to state that I know I am the most reliable witness you could possibly have.

When reviewing my recorded video, you or anyone else will view exactly what took place, in no uncertain terms. I am your window into the past, your proof, but I cannot be if you do not take me along. So let's travel together, shall we?

Windshield Witness

Our Services

We provide drivers with a high quality HD 1080P 30FPS dash cam system that better protects them from both the typical "he said - she said" accident claim, where the other driver may suddenly exhibit a loose association with the truth and also from the down right intentional, fraudulent type, which is steadily on the increase.

What is "FULL HD or True HD", anyway?

We see Full HD most often as a description, in marketing materials. It has never been an adopted standard by any government agency or trade organization, other than one equipment manufacturing industry. The term Full HD came about strictly to further entice consumers, considering an HD Ready television set purchace. It's now widespread among video camera ads. True HD is another marketing term, concocted to accomplish the same goal. In the USA, Full HD and True HD are merely marketing terms that promise no particular quality, other than declaring the item to deliver 1080p.
For clarity, our Windshield Witness© records in HD (High Definition) Video, 1080p at 30FPS and the picture quality is excellent.

This is our "People Are Talking" area. Soon, your submitted Windshield Witness© videos will be posted on our website.

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Windshield Witness© delivers on its promise.

Our system reliably and continually better protects you and your loved ones from fraudulent vehicle accident claims.

It's also comforting to know that when the unexpected does happen, be it something strange, unbelievable, unique or especially funny, with the Windshield Witness©, you will never have to say, "If only I had a video of what just happened". You will have the video.

While traveling the highways and byways, consider the Windshield Witness to be your 24-7, ever vigilant, eye witness to the unexpected. When the unexpected does happen, unlike the rare, well meaning accident witness that comes forth, or individuals coming forth with hidden agendas, your Windshield Witness© system does not become confused, will not forget and certainly does not lie. Above all, it preserves HD quality video of exactly what happened, beyond any shadow of a doubt. This includes road and weather conditions, along with date and time, all preserved on SD card, to view immediately on screen or at any time in the future, on other devices.

Should your accident result in litigation, the Windshield Witness© system is what every innocent accident victim deserves and needs in their corner, defending and protecting them by presenting unequivocal truth.

This is the black box type system judges immediately respect and do not second guess. Jury's regard the black box system in like manner. Black Box systems are notorious for making both case decisions and jury awards much easier and historically more fair and just.

Should you become the "One in every five drivers in the United States" that will be involved in a vehicle accident, at some time, over the next 5 years, wouldn't you eagerly pay dearly for a video showing your innocence? That is, if the video was even available. With the Windshield Witness© system, just start your vehicle and you will have that video. It doesn't matter if you were driving for 8 seconds, 8 hours or even more, you will have that video. Peace of mind, by having ongoing better protection, will be yours. All because you planned ahead, by taking one simple step. You installed the system now, before the unexpected happened to you. Install the system yourself, in less than 90 seconds. (Ok, if you hide the 14 ft. power cable, it will take a little bit longer.)

None of us start our car, truck, RV or SUV, planning on being a victim. None of us want to be in an accident. (Ok, the scammers do.) For the rest of us, an accident happens out of the blue, totally unexpected. For the most part, we don't take chances driving and we certainly don't drive wrecklessly. We're safe drivers, whether it's on our way to work, on vacation, headed to the beach, going to the grocery store or espescially those times when mom and dad are along for the ride.

It's fair to say that the majority of us maneuver the roadways with care and respect for ourselves and other drivers. It's also fair to say that we deserve and need protection, from both the unexpected, wrongful accident claim and the intentional, fraudulent accident claim. Our Windshield Witness© System automatically, better protects you and your family from both. It makes good sense for all drivers to be prepared for the unexpected.

It's better to be protected a year too soon, rather than five seconds too late.

More and more drivers are installing dash cameras. Fraudulent accident claim scammers are getting smarter and smarter. Did you know that many of these crooks, who make a living by intentionally causing car accidents, now look first to see if their target vehicle has a dash cam attached to the front or rear windshield? It's true. When they see a dash cam, they target another vehicle.

Are you aware of these US accident related statistics? Don't feel bad, if not. Many drivers aren't.

  • Each day in the United States, over 8 people are killed and 1,161 people are injured in crashes, where a distracted driver is involved.

  • Reliable statistics project that one out of every five drivers will become involved in a car accident over the next 5 years.

  • Each year, there are more than 6 million documented automobile accidents on US roadways.

  • More than 40,000 people lose their life in car accidents, in the United States, every year.

  • Yearly, more than 3 million people suffer injuries from auto accidents. Roughly 2 million of these injuries are permanent.

  • The most common cause of fatal car accidents is drunk driving. This causes roughly 40% of all deadly crashes, in this country.

  • The second most common cause of fatal accidents is speeding, which accounts for nearly 30% of accidents, with fatalities.

  • As of 2015, at least 25% of car accidents are now caused by drivers talking on their cell phones or texting, while driving.

  • The number one cause of death, for Americans age 1 to 30, is automobile accidents.

    Better protecting drivers from fraudulent accident claims, regardless of their chosen vehicle, is the primary reason our company exists.

    We sincerely thank you for visiting our website. Our intent is for you to recognize the extremely valuable service our product provides, just when you need it the most. One parting thought. If you're not using a dash cam system and are still undecided about having one, please share your concerns with your loved ones, if only to discuss their couldn't hurt.

    Thank you again, for being here. image

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